Limited Time Deal!

Limited Time Deal!

Sometimes the past comes back to tempt you.

Gavin Walker is still reeling from the death of his fiancée, Lela, two years ago. Every day is a struggle to control the monster he hides raging within him. Now, he's working with sweet, sexy Coraline Evans, and she's only making it harder.

Cora hasn't forgiven herself for causing the accident that took her best friend Lela’s life. She tried running from the guilt and Gavin’s accusations, but that’s no longer an option. Someone is out to kill Gavin, and she's determined to stop them, even if it means letting him break her heart in the process.

SIEGE Corporation has a vested interest in Gavin and they aren't willing to let him simply walk away again. They'll use anything and anyone to get what they want from him, including Cora. Faced with choosing between revenge and a second chance at love, Gavin isn't sure if the monster SIEGE created will let him have either.

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Check out Darken and enter the hot and steamy lives of the Walker family from The SIEGE Series.

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