Fallen Sorcery Collections

Fallen Sorcery is a series of Dystopian Paranormal Romance Collections. Each collection consists of 16 stand alone, full-length novels from 16 award-winning and best selling authors that are tied together by the world in which their stories take place. Novels will initially be available individually and then for a short time as an anthology.

Othala Witch Collection

Winter Souls

For six long years, Elora has been confined to an island with the Ice Witch, Niobe. When her captor dies, Elora flees across the ice bridge back to Mason, the man she’s kept in her heart all these years. But Mason isn’t the same man she left behind. In his place is a cold and emotionless stranger.

Mason will never forget the day Elora disappeared over the ice bridge. It was the day the Ice Witch tore out his soul. He has settled into his life as a Guard, protecting the small inlet at the northern edge of the sector from Ravagers. But with Elora’s return, he has an opportunity to reclaim his soul and the life he thought lost forever.

It’s a dangerous task that will lead Mason and Elora into the heart of Ravager territory and to the depths of the Underworld. It’s a journey none have ever returned from.

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Isa Fae Collection
Coming Spring 2017