A Touched Trilogy

Lie to Me

Phoebe has always felt broken. While her sisters have always possessed their abilities, Phoebe has come to accept that her truth telling gift just doesn't work.

Then her best friend, Tonya, lies to her and Phoebe's gift flares to life. With Tonya pissed at her, being a Truth Teller suddenly doesn't seem like such a great gift. Although, it is nice knowing she's the reason behind her crush, Nathan, dumping his stalker girlfriend.

But in lies, intention is everything and Tonya's lies are a cry for help. The fear that her friend is covering darker and more serious truths is something Phoebe can't ignore. But knowing when someone is lying is the easy part. Now she has to decide what to do about it. And with Nathan and his doubts about her ability confusing things, finding a way to help Tonya isn't as easy as Phoebe thought it would be.
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Heal Me

Her sisters think Lily has the easy gift. Who wouldn't love to heal people with a simple touch? But all of that pain and suffering has to go somewhere and Lily's the one taking it all in.

When someone close to her dies, Lily's life spins out of control. She clings to her best friend Micah, trying to feel something, but what started as friendship morphs in to something much more. As Lily begins to fall for Micah she realizes that while healing others is easy, healing herself is much harder.
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Watch Me

For Chloe, her gift of prophecy has proven the future to be unshakeable. Nothing ever changes and no one really has a choice. The future is what it is, and Chloe accepted that a long time ago.

Then her sisters convince her to try changing her future. When she succeeds the black and white certainty she’s always had vanishes. It turns blurry with infinite possibilities she can barely distinguish and everything she ever expected to happen is lost. Only Sebastian's future gives clues about what's coming and it's filled with images of blood and death.

But Chloe can’t change the future when the choices aren’t hers to make and if she can’t change it, can she accept it?
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