Fallen Sorcery Collections

Adult Paranormal Romance

The Fallen Sorcery Collections are sets of 16 standalone novels from NY Times, USA Today, Amazon, and Internationally bestselling authors all set in a shared paranormal/fantasy world.

SIEGE Series

Adult Paranormal Romance

Enter the hot and steamy lives of the Walker family as they set out to bring down the SIEGE Corporation and fight for the women they love.

The Woods of Everod

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

When everything she knew about herself is proven wrong, will Janie accept who and what she really is?

A Touched Trilogy

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Three sisters gifted with the power to see the future, heal others, and hear the lies people tell.

The Vitares Chronicles

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Fate brought her people to Earth, now it's marked her for death

YA Stand Alone Novels

When all you want is a single story with a HEA.